2016 BCOA National Specialty

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The BCOA 2016 National Specialty was in Lawrence, Kansas. This year the regular class judge was Ron Spritzer and Futurity was Veni Harlan and Sweeps, Jon Reimer


The week started for us with the AKC LC on Sunday. Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, my beautiful Skaya, was due in season at anytime. Holding our breath, she passed inspection and could run in the trial. There were three stakes and she drew A which had some fabulous running Borzoi in it. She needs only a major to finish her AKC FC. Skaya ran beautifully in her prelim and was in a position to potentially place. In her final she drew her cousin, K-C Windsheer Edge of the Blade, a tremendously talented and beautiful Borzoi bitch bred by Kasey and Dale Parks and Leah Lanier. Razor, or as she is affectionately known, RaRa had placed highly in her prelim and is as hot as they come for running games! Amazingly both girls have similar running styles (RaRa’s grandsire: Avalon Time’s Dark Traveler and Skaya’s dam: Avalon Tigress in the Dark are littermates) and both girls love the lure coursing game.For me it was the most thrilling course of the whole trial. (as soon as I have pix I will post them)

Amazingly, Skaya won that final by 1 point but Razor had had such a terrific prelim that she won the stake! Skaya still needs that major win but her achievement is to have placed in the AKC Lure Coursing at Nationals for three years running! With all the new and hot youngsters that show up each year with such tremendous follow, this is a terrific tribute to Skaya’s coursing ability.

Monday, Skaya was entered in LGRA but alas, she came into season and we withdrew.

Tuesday was show day for Futurity and Hatsya’s first time in the show ring! She did very well but didn’t get any love from the judge.

I was asked if I would show a youngster, Drakon Avalon Cousteau O’Pendragon, call name Kazoo! He was a tad unsure about all the big doings going on at the show, so with the understanding that I would strive for a happy and good experience, we entered the ring.

Kazoo was looking for mommy but was happy to pay attention to me when I asked and under judge Veni Harlan, he made the cut in Futurity! I showed him in Sweeps and regular classes and he improved each time and is a beautiful Borzoi and a pleasure to be with! I am honored his owners and breeders trusted him to my care for his first show.

On Wednesday, Hatsya continued to show well though the judge didn’t place her. Never mind, this sweet girl was just a few minutes past 6 months of age and handled everything with panache and aplomb!

Thursday is dog day at the National so I showed Kazoo in his class and he was terrific and a sweet, sweet boy, handling challenges well but we got no love from the judge.

Friday is bitch day, so Hatsya and Skaya were in the rotation! Skaya showed beautifully as always and Hatsya did too, but no joy this year.

Saturday is Best of Breed and I was thrilled to be able show my Boomer! He absolutely rocked it and loves being in the ring. But again, no love was coming our way, so we showed and had fun and can’t wait to do it again!

This National Specialty, our friends Tom and KC of Zoiboyz, really were in the ribbons and prizes with their beautiful girl Aliza. She won both the ASFA LC and the AKC LC BOB prizes and then went WB and BOW!

The fabulous Gibson, sire to Skaya’s expected litter, finished his LGRA GRC title and was BOS!

Other friends and dogs of their breeding did exceptionally well too! Hatsya’s litter mates, Oxota Molodezovna Meissa and Oxota Molodezovna Alnitak both had terrific first shows!  Mimi won her regular class and got a hard look from the judge for WB and Stellar was 4th in his Futurity class! Avalon RiverRun Idle Dice Runtuff went Best Junior Dog and Runtuff Whiskeys Rebellion went Best in Futurity!!! His litter mate RunTuff RiverRun Black Betty  went Best Senior Bitch in Futurity!!! Skaya’s litter mate, Avalon Druid Dance Willowind was AOM!!! I am thrilled for my dear friends, Sandra Moore, Karla Smith, DVM, Kristen Suhrenbrock, Leonore Abordo and Kim Ketelsen, Anna Stewart, Rebecca Neal, Tom & KC and Susanne Cecere! Truly gorgeous Borzoi and wins so well deserved!

I know that I am missing some wins or placements, please forgive any oversight or mistakes! A National Specialty is a fairly overwhelming experience!

Looks like we will miss the next two specialties as they are on the coasts. Maryland in 2017 and Washington in 2018.

Great fun and a reunion that I look forward to each year!






Skaya at the RMBC AKC LC!


Lil Miss Skaya ran yesterday and today at the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club’s Annual Mother’s Day Lure Coursing. On Saturday she caught the bunny during her preliminary run, rolled twice and got right back up and finished strong. Her final run on that day she got a little silly and so she wound up in the ribbons, but in fifth place.


Sunday started off cold and cloudy but perfect running weather for Borzoi! Skaya’s prelim was spectacular and her final was just as pretty! She won the Open class! The weather turned off very cold, with blowing snow and almost zero visibility so the trial was called to a halt. This means that no breed runoffs could take place but the points are awarded to the open and special and veteran class winners! Skaya received a 5 point Major!




Costume Contest at the BCOA Nationals 2014

We're from France.
We’re from France.

The theme of the costume contest was Aliens, due to proximity to Roswell, NM. The Borzoi are rocking purple tissue lame’ capes and paper mache’ coneheads tied on with twine. Prymaat is sporting a blue tissue lame’ cape, and underneath her signature apron, capris and mary janes. It was loads of laughs and we would do it again in a heartbeat!

Hobbs, NM Show Results!



On Saturday, February 1, 2014 under Judge Garry Newton, the results are as follows:

12-18 mos Dogs  1. Zoiboyz Guinness

(Aashatoria’s Top Secret = Absent)

BBE Dogs             1. Oxota RiverRun Gypsy Rover Avalon, CGC, QC, JC (RWD)

Open Dogs            1.  Windnsatin Riga

2. Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC

12-18 mos Bitches 1. Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, QC

BBE Bitches            1. Oxota Avalon Switchblade, CGC, TT

2. Del Sol’s Red Queen

Open Bitches          1.Raskina Kalinow (RWB)

2. Havenview’s Blak Spot

WD/BOS = WindnSatin Riga

WB/BOW/BOB = Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, QC (THREE POINT MAJOR)

SUNDAY under Judge Dr. Anthony D. DiNardo the results are as follows:

12-18 mos Dogs  1. Zoiboyz Guinness (Aashatoria’s Top Secret = Absent)

BBE Dogs             1. Oxota RiverRun Gypsy Rover Avalon, CGC, QC, JC (RWD)

Open Dogs            1.  Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC

2. Windnsatin Riga (absent)

12-18 mos Bitches 1. Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, QC

BBE Bitches            1. Oxota Avalon Switchblade, CGC, TT (RWB)

2. Del Sol’s Red Queen (Absent)

Open Bitches            1.Raskina Kalinow

2. Havenview’s Blak Spot

WB/BOS = Raskina Kalinow

WD/BOW/BOB = Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC (TWO POINTS)

Thank you Judges and my breeder and friend, Leonore Abordo for all of her help showing the Boomer & Skaya! Special thanks to KC Thompson, traveling partner and photographer extraordinaire! Thanks to Dr. Susan Vandewater for trekking over with her kids from Midland, TX and to Jenny Coomler from Tuscon, AZ. Special thank yous to Odebt Massey for all her valuable advice. Huge thanks to Jake Sisneros for showing Boomer on Sunday when my legs just couldn’t! This was a wonderful weekend with dear friends so glad you were there to help me celebrate!

Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Trial…

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It all started when I took Skaya for a practice run at an ASFA LC in Falcon, Colorado on the 14th. She did so well, that I decided to QC her the very next weekend at the AKC LC up in Orchard, Colorado. Her QC run was with Scheztaya Seven Seas Of Rhye (Lara) and both did very well! So well that I decided to put Skaya in for the trial as there was a 4 pt major in Borzoi. This meant two more runs on my little girly and she was so game! Her preliminary run in the trial netted her a 75 and at this point I knew the goatheads and a third run that day would be really tough. She managed to do really well though placing a very close second place to Tom & KC’s Guinness by just one point. Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Coursing has her now in the hunt with 2 points. We are so looking forward to her next trial, probably at the BCOA National Specialty!