2015 BCOA National Specialty Show!

I have put off this post because what occurred is still quite beyond my wildest imaginings! Three weeks later I think I can coherently relate the happenings at this year’s National Specialty. To explain I must fill in a bit of backstory…

Our first National Specialty was in 2014 in Albuquerque, NM. We had so much fun, we immediately made plans for Huron, OH for 2015. My friend/breeder/co-owner, Leonore Abordo (Borzoi Oxota) was all set to partner up and travel the distance. Best laid plans being what they are, due to the timing of some very beautiful puppies, she had to pull out of our trip. Fortunately, my sweet husband agreed to accompany me to Ohio. Since I still planned on going, I asked, well, insisted a bit, that Leo send Bladerunner with me. God knows why but I had a feeling that she needed to be at the National Specialty!

Thankfully, Leo agreed and so we met in Trinidad, CO for a little bite to eat and so she could hand off Bladebunny. I had to take the leash out of her hand and load her in my car or this deal wasn’t getting done! Though I knew by her expression that letting this beautiful Borzoi go, albeit temporarily, was hard. So, promising on my life to bring her back, she let us go.

DC Oxota Avalon Switchblade, SC headed for Leigh’s home…

Early Friday, May 8, 2015, we headed struck out for Huron, OH with a nighttime stop in Troy, IL. Boomer, Skaya and Bladerunner are ace travelers and seemed to enjoy the trip!

We arrived on Saturday and got settled in.

settled in at the fabulous Motel 6!
settled in at the fabulous Motel 6!

We met some friends for dinner at the Sawmill Creek Resort and er, there is video on Facebook, if you know where to look O.o


Having fun with friends at the borzoi nationals.

Posted by KC Thompson on Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sunday, I was to foul judge at the LGRA meet. It was an almost perfect meet, until the last high point race when everything blew to heck. Luckily, the foul did not happen in front of me and my Boomer’s littermate, RiverRun Oxota Fire in the Glen Avalon, the incomparable Ash, repeated her thrilling win of the LGRA at the National Specialty! Huge congratulations to her owners, Tim Williams, Dr. Tina Wismer, DVM and Karla Smith, DVM and to everyone on Team Ash!

Team Ash!
Team Ash!

That done, it was onto the AKC Lure Coursing early Monday morning! My beautiful Skaya, Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC, RN (major ptd. FC & CH) was raring to go!

The following photographs are by my friends, Kristen Suhrenbrock (RunTuff Borzoi) and Jamie Bobrowski (Starswift Borzoi). Thank you for such gorgeous images!

The first set is Skaya in the preliminary race.

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The second set is Finals!

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Skaya earned third place in her Open Flight for two more FC points and a bonus for placing for the Triathlon competition!

Third place in her stake to for 2 more points!
Third place in her stake to for 2 more points!

Even though it was a very long day, we made it to the Rally Workshop that evening. Skaya acted like she knew nothing but she is always good for the laughs!

Tuesday, both Skaya and Boomer aka CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN (GCH ptd) were ready for their turns in Rally Novice B. Happy to say that both of the brilliant Borzoi earned legs with qualifying scores, er, their handler on the other hand cost them potential placements by doing the figure 8 incorrectly! AARRGH! Handler error!

In the Futurity, we handled Avalon RunTuff Pickleback a beautiful Silver Brindle bitch in the 6-9 mos class. No joy for this lovely girl, but we had lots of fun!

On Wednesday, my lovelies had nothing but health testing. So happy to report that Skaya has a normal heart on auscultation and Boomer is clear and normal via echocardiogram.

Thursday morning was Triathlon conformation judging for Skaya!

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Skaya tied with another very lovely bitch for high conformation score! Now we had to wait and see if she could earn any bonus points for a placement in her regular class.

Thursday afternoon was Dual Champion Sweepstakes and Bladerunner’s first outing at the Specialty!

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Bladerunner earned a third place!

Instead of the Club’s Beach party our close knit group had a wine tasting in our grooming area, complete with snacks! Each of us brought a bottle of wine from our state or region. I have to say I really like Tennessee Blackberry Wine!

Friday was all about the Bitches!

Skaya placed third in an extremely tough group of 20 gorgeous Borzoi. Most of the photos in this slide show are by Keizo Kaida of Japan, but a couple are by friends, the win photo is by Steve Surfman. Thank you for these fabulous shots!

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That same evening the FUN crowd got together for the costume contest. The theme was, of course, Rock & Roll!

We chose Punk Rock, a misunderstood genre of Rock & Roll, that made for great costumes!

Punk Rockers from Colorado! REPRESENT!
Punk Rockers from Colorado! REPRESENT! photo credit Keizo Kaida

We didn’t get any love from the judges but we had FUN!

Saturday, Best of Breed, Brace and Stud Dog & Brood Bitch classes. It was slated to be a busy day.

Boomer had pulled up lame after running in the turn out, so it was iffy if he could show. He rallied to place second in Brace with his lovely dam, Lotus  DC Valinor’s Circuit de Monaco at RiverRun, RN, SC, handled beautifully by breeder/co-owner Karla Smith, DVM.

Boomer & Lotus
Boomer & Lotus photo credit Keizo Kaida

Lotus has placed in the Brace class three times! Winning it with her sire, DC Aragorn’s Barron GL Jedediah, SC and with Boomer last year in Albuquerque, NM. So proud!

So it was time for Dogs & Best of Breed. Fingers crossed for Boomer that he would be fine, alas, we entered the ring for our go round and on the first corner, I felt his head bob and I knew that this year we wouldn’t be able to show. So unhappy at this turn of events, but there are a couple of pix of his moment in the sun!

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We will try again next year!

And then it was time for Bitches & Best of Breed…

Leonore had arranged, in advance, for Robin Stachon to handle Bladerunner in the breed class. Knowing there might be a conflict if she made the cut, I would get to take Bladerunner in, while Robin handled the fabulous Casper, aka MBIS, MSBIS, MAHBIS Platinum GCH, MSBIS Can, GCH Aashtoria Wildhunt Hidden Agenda, CGC.

HOLY SMOKES! She made the cut!

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Lord have mercy, I have to show her…

So, being the absolute noob that I am, I decided that wherever Bladerunner is in the ring, I will do my damnedest to make her look good. Don’t pat me on the back, she never put a foot wrong and made my job easy. Well, at least until the judge asked me if I could move her faster! Let’s just say I did my best and hoped it was good enough.

IMG_0501Just trying to look like I do this everyday! NOT!

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Win Photo
Win Photo

And this magnificent happening didn’t end the day!

Skaya was chosen to show in the Stud Dog class for her sire, CJ aka DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun, SC, CA, BN, CGC

Stud Dog Class

Then I was able to take Bladerunner in for her dam, Avalon Tigress in the Dark, SC aka Tiggy, in the Brood Bitch class (photo pending) to help her to a very deserving First place. Four of her puppies from the Deadly Weapons litter made cuts in the breed class, with one earning an Award of Merit, GCH DC Avalon Oxota Cinquedea, SC and the other, Best of Breed at the 2015 National Specialty!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners!

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful time and the memories!


Boomie does good!

Boomer's 1st Award of Merit at the RMBC Specialty Show! Judge Daniel Dowling
Boomer’s 1st Award of Merit at the RMBC Specialty Show! Judge Dr. Daniel Dowling

CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN and now AOM!!!

Boomer was SD for another GCH 5 pt Major on Friday at the BCOA Trophy Supported Entry and was awarded an Award of Merit by Judge Dr. Daniel Dowling at the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club Specialty on Saturday!

Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC, RN (CH & FCH major ptd.) won her class at the TSE under Judge Johan Becerra-Hernandez and was 3 of 3 in her class at the Specialty. So proud of how these terrific Borzoi showed for me!

Thank you to breeders Leonore Abordo (Borzoi Oxota); Dr. Karla Smith, DVM (RiverRun Sighthounds) and Sandra Moore (Avalon) for my gorgeous and wonderful Borzoi!


New Champion Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC

JUDGE: Mrs Lesley E Hiltz  Handler: Michelle Mosher Four point Major at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Show
JUDGE: Mrs Lesley E Hiltz
Handler: Michelle Mosher
Four point Major at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Show
Boomer Champion
JUDGE: Mrs Gayle Bontecou; Handler: Michelle Mosher & Boomer’s Second Four Point Major and New AKC Champion!!

So proud to introduce my Boomer as a new AKC Champion! He did it in style with two 4 point back-to-back Major wins at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Dog Shows!

Thank you Judge Lesley E Hiltz & Judge Gayle Bontecou for his major wins!

Beautifully handled by good friend, Michelle Mosher, who has been an incredible help through this phase of his career. Thank you!

Congratulations and huge thanks from us to Karla Smith, DVM (co-owner/breeder); Leonore Abordo (breeder) & Sandra Moore (breeder) for this beautiful Borzoi. He is truly a dream come true and a blessing to our family.

*Update: Boomer was awarded Select Dog & a 5 point Major by Judge Toddie Clark at the Cheyenne Kennel Club 1, this past weekend for his very first Grand Championship points!!!!! Thank you!


Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare (Life so far in pics)

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Thank you Sandra Moore for entrusting me with my new Borzoi!!! Thank you Diane Embry for whelping the litter! Thank you Susan Vandewater  for transporting her to me! and huge to thanks to co-owner Leonore Abordo for holding my hand through this whole thing and trusting me with my first Borzoi, Boomer! (Oh and thanks honey for not freaking out when I told you I wanted a puppy from this litter!!!)