2018, what a year!

Last year, the amazing Go Litter started their sophomore season in the wide world of Borzoi.
They amazed, surprised and frankly came to play and play hard!
I am beyond thrilled for their owners who have made the Go Litter shine! Thank you for being such fabulous homes for your Borzoi!
As always I thank, from the depths of my heart, my wonderful friend and co-breeder, Sandra Moore-Doby and my other wonderful friend and the owner/breeder of the amazing Zoiboyz Gibson, KC Thompson. Without the love and support of you two, this breeding would just be an idea, instead of the beautiful reality it truly is. Thank you!

MBIF FC Perlova Avalon Indy Go Zoiboyz, FCh, GRC, SSR

MBIF FC Avalon Perlova IndyGo Zoiboyz, SC, FCH, GRC, SSR
IndyGo is multitalented and is ranked in the TOP TEN of LGRA (#2), ASFA (#6), and AKC LC (#2). An amazing Iron Hound! IndyGo was BOB on Saturday of the 2018 ASFA II and was presented with the Locket Trophy! The amazing IndyGo also dipped his toe into the NOFCA OFC pool and we predict a fabulous OFC season coming up in the fall! IndyGo is owned and very much loved by Tom Golcher & KC Thompson of Zoiboyz Borzoi and he is ready to go for more in 2019!

Avalon Perlova Ready Set Go

Avalon Perlova Ready Set Go
Margot is the 2018-19 NOFCA Rookie Borzoi, the #2 NOFCA Borzoi and the #3 NOFCA All Breed Hound! Margot’s owner, Linda Turner shared a tidbit with me: “Margot has over 300 points her first year out. That’s pretty damn awesome. That does include the Feb hunts in Roswell which technically are next season’s points.” Margot indeed kicked off her 2019-20 season with a 1st place in the SWCC Borzoi Breed Hunt on Feb 2 and a 3rd place the following day to earn the Overall Winner of the Borzoi Winter Bonanza!
Margot also has both of her AKC LC majors and is just getting started! She also placed in her Sweepstakes class and her regular class at the 2018 BCOA National Specialty! She is owned and loved by Linda Turner and Sandra Moore. Look for this spectacular Borzoi to really rock 2019!

Perlova Avalon Boldy Go, JC, SSR
Kirk is the 2018 BCOA National LGRA race meet BOB! Running in tough competition with his littermate, IndyGo. Kirk also placed 4th in his class at the BCOA National Specialty! Kirk is pointed in NOFCA OFC and in AKC Conformation. So proud of this sweet, gentle and talented Borzoi! Look for Kirk to be back on the LGRA track, hunting and in lure coursing and in the show & obedience rings in 2019! Kirk is owned and treasured by Denise Ross.

Perlova Avalon Never Lemme Go

Perlova Avalon Never Lemme Go
Lem is a certified Therapy Dog with Alliance Therapy Dogs! Beautiful Lem will be starting his hospital visits soon! He also thinks lure coursing is great fun! He is owned and loved by M. V. Morton.

Avalon Perlova Go Fish CA, BCAT, JOR, SC

Avalon Perlova Go Fish, CA, BCAT, JOR, SC
Marlin is the #2 NOTRA Borzoi for 2018! This beautiful and talented Borzoi will be burning up the track and hopefully the show ring in 2019! Marlin is owned and loved by Carol Judson and Sandra Moore

Avalon Perlova Go Darkly, FCh, LCM

Avalon Perlova Go Darkly, FCh, LCM (pending)
Zip the Wee Wonder! She is the 2018 #1 ASFA Lure Coursing Borzoi! She was BOB on Sunday of the 2018 ASFA II and was presented with the Pyrune Trophy! This last weekend, Zippy completed her LCM (pending ASFA confirmation) Zip is also LGRA and NOFCA OFC pointed! This girl can do it all! She is shown in the photo as she tied 1/2 in the SWCC Borzoi Breed hunt in February 3, 2019! Her first weekend out and she qualified for the NOFCA Grand Course! Zippy loves the hunt! Zip is owned and loved by Dr Susan Van de Water, MD and Sandra Moore! Look for her in 2019!!!

So proud to be her breeder/owner/handler!!
CH Perlova Avalon Giddy Up Go, CC, CM, JSR

CH Perlova Avalon Giddy Up Go, CC, CM, JSR
At the tender age of 17 months, Giddy earned her NOFCA CC with AK’s in her preliminary and final, winning an SWCC Mixed Hunt! Giddy was the 2017-2018 NOFCA Rookie Borzoi! The following May she finished her AKC breed Championship with four major wins under four different judges and to put the cherry on it, a Hound Group 4. Along with her mama, she managed to become one of the first LGRA JSR’s in New Mexico! This past November, Giddy earned the last points for her NOFCA CM. I love this Borzoi so much and cannot believe I bred her or that she is really mine own.
Giddy will be specialed this year in the hopes of earning her GCH. The beautiful Giddy-Go is owned, loved, treasured by Leigh and Ken Paintin.

Avalon Perlova Go West

Avalon Perlova Go West
Sable has wonderful owners! Tom & Eve Olsen adore her! Eve loves her so much that she made Sable a model and covergirl on her novel, Crackshot: The Way West

Thank you Eve for loving sweet Sable! You have made her famous! (and I am a big fan!)

A novel by Sable’s owner!

New AKC Field Champion!

20170422 05

Pending AKC confirmation, Skaya is now FC Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare SC, CGC, RN FCh

So very proud of my Skooshy-loo!  Now we are ready to go get those last six singles she needs for her conformation Championship!

bred by Sandra Moore (Avalon), Susan Vandewater (Del Sol), Diana Embry (Willowwind) and Shelby Bergstressor and co-owned by Leonore Abordo (Borzoi Oxota)

Judge Beth Ann Gordon (pictured) and Judge Phil Fullam at Los Lobos Coursing Club in Edgewood, New Mexico. Photo by KC Thompson (Zoiboyz)

Durango Kennel Club Show

We traveled to Farmington, NM for the DKC shows! The goal was to finish Boomer’s Grand Championship and I am so happy to report our success! Boomer is now GCH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN, AOM

Thursday, Boomer was Select Dog and NOHS BOB and NOHS Hound Group 2

Friday, Boomer was Select Dog, NOHS BOB and NOHS Hound Group 1  and Oxota Molodezovna Hatsya was WB, BOS & BOW for 2 points!!

Saturday Boomer was BOB, NOHS BOB and NOHS Hound Group 1!!!! and a new GCH!

Sunday, Boomer was Select Dog and pointed now towards his Bronze Grand Championship title.

A really wonderful show weekend!

Pikes Peak Obedience Club Rally Trials

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This past weekend Boomer & Skaya and their erstwhile handler, have been attending a four trial weekend at Latigo Trails Equestrian Center. Our hometown Obedience & Rally Trials! At the first Rally Trial on Saturday morning, Ch Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC (AKA da Boom) was FIRST in his Rally Novice B class under judge Bonnie Lee with a score of 85! For his first time in the Rally ring? YAHOO! Skaya AKA (Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC (major ptd CH & FCh) the morning trial was less than stellar and she DNQ. At Saturday’s second trial, Boomer was again FIRST in his Rally Novice B class with a score of 93 under judge Nancy Grimm! Skaya’s second time in the ring she QUALIFIED with a 75, and the judge told me I cost her 10 points by finishing her the wrong direction on the last station! ARRGH! Handler error. However, her score was good enough for third place! Today, at the Pikes Peak Obedience Club Trials… Boomer is now known as: CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN!!!! He completed his Rally Novice Title with another FIRST place and a score of 82!! Skaya garnered her second leg at the morning trial with a third place and score of 72 and at the afternoon trial completed her Tally Novice title with a 73!!! She is now Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC, RN (major ptd CH & FCh)!!!!! So proud of my Borzoi! Special thank you to Linda Pocurull who is our training buddy extraordinaire!!! All of advice, friendship and encouragement are priceless! What a weekend!

New Champion Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC

JUDGE: Mrs Lesley E Hiltz  Handler: Michelle Mosher Four point Major at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Show
JUDGE: Mrs Lesley E Hiltz
Handler: Michelle Mosher
Four point Major at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Show

Boomer Champion
JUDGE: Mrs Gayle Bontecou; Handler: Michelle Mosher & Boomer’s Second Four Point Major and New AKC Champion!!

So proud to introduce my Boomer as a new AKC Champion! He did it in style with two 4 point back-to-back Major wins at the Rocky Mountain Hound Association Dog Shows!

Thank you Judge Lesley E Hiltz & Judge Gayle Bontecou for his major wins!

Beautifully handled by good friend, Michelle Mosher, who has been an incredible help through this phase of his career. Thank you!

Congratulations and huge thanks from us to Karla Smith, DVM (co-owner/breeder); Leonore Abordo (breeder) & Sandra Moore (breeder) for this beautiful Borzoi. He is truly a dream come true and a blessing to our family.

*Update: Boomer was awarded Select Dog & a 5 point Major by Judge Toddie Clark at the Cheyenne Kennel Club 1, this past weekend for his very first Grand Championship points!!!!! Thank you!


Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare ~ 2014 BCOA Nationals

Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, JC, CGC in her 12-18 mos win photo!
Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, JC, CGC in her 12-18 mos win photo!

  • Monday: AKC Lure Coursing Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare 5th place
  • Tuesday: Boomer & Skaya CGC!!! Futurity 1st place in 15-18 mos(Judge Michelle Rowton)
  • Wednesday: Puppy Sweeps 3rd place(Judge Cherie Hunchak)
  • Thursday: BBE class Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC No placement but showed very well
  • Friday: 12-18 mos bitches Skaya 1st place!!! (Judge Jon Titus Steel)
  • Toys and treats for the costume contest

Thank you Judges & BCOA for a wonderful National! Looking forward to Ohio 2015!!!!!