Boomer & Skaya and the ZASSC…

2013Nov2 FMT LGRA 40

Zoiboyz Annual Solo Speed Challenge (ZASSC)

Borzoi – Track Record 10/26/12 Red Dawn (Golcher-Thompson) 12.192
11/17/2013 Bz Eclipse Tom & KC 12.392 33.01 2013 Fastest Borzoi
11/17/2013 Bz Boomer Leigh Paintin 12.428 32.92  *
7/27/2013 Bz Flash Tom & KC 12.550 32.60
10/20/2013 Bz Tanforan Leo Abordo & Jamie Bobrowski 12.593 32.49
11/17/2013 Bz Encore Tom & KC 12.594 32.48
10/20/2013 Bz Livvie Linda Pocurull & Ann Roache 12.694 32.23
7/27/2013 Bz Lara Tom, KC, Helena 12.742 32.11
11/17/2013 Bz Coffee Melissa Pearce 12.807 31.94
9/30/2013 Bz Insanity Susan Van de Water 12.828 31.89
11/17/2013 Bz Skaya Leigh Paintin 12.829 31.89  *

Both of my Borzoi, Boomer and Skaya, are in the top Ten of ZASSC for 2013! So proud of you two!!!

Southern Colorado Cluster @ Pueblo…

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Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC (ptd) beautifully handled by friend, Michelle Mosher with Judge Mrs. Houston “Toddie” Clark on Sunday at the Pueblo, CO shows!

Boomer had a wonderful weekend going WD/W/BOW/BOB on Saturday (2 pts) under judge Mr. William Sahloff and, WD/W/BOW on Sunday (1 pt) and Monday he went WD/W for (1 pt) so a really productive weekend for Boomer in his hunt for a breed Championship. No shows until February and then we are off to Hobbs, NM and then the Rocky Mountain Cluster and RMBC Specialty!

Denver Shows!!

Here are some pictures from the 2013 Rocky Mountain Cluster!

Big thanks to KC Thompson ~ KC Snaps for the great show memories! I will treasure them forever.

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Special hugs and thank yous to Michelle Mosher (Silverado Akitas) for her handling skills and warm friendship!

This cluster of shows was so much fun and I got to meet some fabulous Borzoi people and see some incredible dogs!