Eagle Shows…

after dinner walk by the river in Eagle, CO
after dinner walk by the river in Eagle, CO

This is the first weekend that I showed one of my Borzoi exclusively! We got a good hard look on Saturday but were second in Open Bitches. On Sunday, Skaya was RWB. This was a wonderful show, with great footing & facilities and GORGEOUS country to just enjoy!

Better luck to us next time and huge congratulations to all of my Borzoi friends who did so well!



Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare ~ 2014 BCOA Nationals

Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, JC, CGC in her 12-18 mos win photo!
Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, JC, CGC in her 12-18 mos win photo!
  • Monday: AKC Lure Coursing Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare 5th place
  • Tuesday: Boomer & Skaya CGC!!! Futurity 1st place in 15-18 mos(Judge Michelle Rowton)
  • Wednesday: Puppy Sweeps 3rd place(Judge Cherie Hunchak)
  • Thursday: BBE class Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC No placement but showed very well
  • Friday: 12-18 mos bitches Skaya 1st place!!! (Judge Jon Titus Steel)
  • Toys and treats for the costume contest

Thank you Judges & BCOA for a wonderful National! Looking forward to Ohio 2015!!!!!

Boomer & Skaya and the ZASSC…

2013Nov2 FMT LGRA 40

Zoiboyz Annual Solo Speed Challenge (ZASSC)

Borzoi – Track Record 10/26/12 Red Dawn (Golcher-Thompson) 12.192
11/17/2013 Bz Eclipse Tom & KC 12.392 33.01 2013 Fastest Borzoi
11/17/2013 Bz Boomer Leigh Paintin 12.428 32.92  *
7/27/2013 Bz Flash Tom & KC 12.550 32.60
10/20/2013 Bz Tanforan Leo Abordo & Jamie Bobrowski 12.593 32.49
11/17/2013 Bz Encore Tom & KC 12.594 32.48
10/20/2013 Bz Livvie Linda Pocurull & Ann Roache 12.694 32.23
7/27/2013 Bz Lara Tom, KC, Helena 12.742 32.11
11/17/2013 Bz Coffee Melissa Pearce 12.807 31.94
9/30/2013 Bz Insanity Susan Van de Water 12.828 31.89
11/17/2013 Bz Skaya Leigh Paintin 12.829 31.89  *

Both of my Borzoi, Boomer and Skaya, are in the top Ten of ZASSC for 2013! So proud of you two!!!

Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Trial…

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It all started when I took Skaya for a practice run at an ASFA LC in Falcon, Colorado on the 14th. She did so well, that I decided to QC her the very next weekend at the AKC LC up in Orchard, Colorado. Her QC run was with Scheztaya Seven Seas Of Rhye (Lara) and both did very well! So well that I decided to put Skaya in for the trial as there was a 4 pt major in Borzoi. This meant two more runs on my little girly and she was so game! Her preliminary run in the trial netted her a 75 and at this point I knew the goatheads and a third run that day would be really tough. She managed to do really well though placing a very close second place to Tom & KC’s Guinness by just one point. Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Coursing has her now in the hunt with 2 points. We are so looking forward to her next trial, probably at the BCOA National Specialty!