Skaya is beautiful…

Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare, CGC

Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Trial…

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It all started when I took Skaya for a practice run at an ASFA LC in Falcon, Colorado on the 14th. She did so well, that I decided to QC her the very next weekend at the AKC LC up in Orchard, Colorado. Her QC run was with Scheztaya Seven Seas Of Rhye (Lara) and both did very well! So well that I decided to put Skaya in for the trial as there was a 4 pt major in Borzoi. This meant two more runs on my little girly and she was so game! Her preliminary run in the trial netted her a 75 and at this point I knew the goatheads and a third run that day would be really tough. She managed to do really well though placing a very close second place to Tom & KC’s Guinness by just one point. Skaya’s very first AKC Lure Coursing has her now in the hunt with 2 points. We are so looking forward to her next trial, probably at the BCOA National Specialty!


Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare (Life so far in pics)

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Thank you Sandra Moore for entrusting me with my new Borzoi!!! Thank you Diane Embry for whelping the litter! Thank you Susan Vandewater  for transporting her to me! and huge to thanks to co-owner Leonore Abordo for holding my hand through this whole thing and trusting me with my first Borzoi, Boomer! (Oh and thanks honey for not freaking out when I told you I wanted a puppy from this litter!!!)


D Litter puppy candids…

CJ X Tigress Litter

D Litter’s Latest Pics

The D Litter made it to Tennessee thanks to Shelby Bergstresser and she kindly took some photos of these sweet little Borzoi to share! The whole litter isn’t represented, just some cute snaps before it got dark or started to rain.

Our little Darkskaya Dare is in there somewhere!

This coming weekend Sandra hopes to do some stacked shots!

More to come!

Boomer is getting a Borzoi buddy!

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The weekend of January 5, 2013, Boomer is getting a Borzoi buddy!

These gorgeous little ladies are the girl puppies from the breeding of DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun SC FCH ORC GRC x Avalon Tigress in The Dark SC FCH GRC VFCH CC CM.

You can view their pedigree here: CJ X Tigress Puppies

These puppies were bred by Sandra Moore of Avalon Borzoi, and Dr. Susan Van deWater of Borzoi Del Sol & Diane Embry of Willow Wind Borzoi whelped this gorgeous litter!

Boomer & I have no idea which little girl we are getting because the puppy evaluations haven’t been done yet. We only know we are getting a girl at this point and that she will be dark: Black & Tan, Black & Brindle or Mahogany. Sane, sound and bred to run like the wind!

Since this litter is a “D” litter so her name must begin with a “D”.

here are some contenders:

Avalon DeedsODerringDo WW and her call name would be Dare. (It also rhymes with Tangmalangaloo!)

Avalon Darkskaya O WillowWind (oooh this is growing on me!)

Avalon Dare the Darkest WillowWind (not bad…)

The final name choice is: Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare  (call name Skaya)

When we get photos we will post!!!