Go Litter!

The Go Litter

Perlova & Avalon co-breeding born June 26, 2016

Sire:CH Zoiboyz Gibson, SC, FCh, CGC, GRC 

Dam: DC Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC, RN, FCh VLAA  (LGRA ptd.; OFC pointed & NOFCA Grand Course Qualifyer)

Litter Pedigree: Go Litter

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This much anticipated breeding brings together some of the best in American and European performance Borzoi lines.

Gibson’s sire, is the legendary “Kazan” Chabibi’s Korona-Kazan,  AKC SC, ASFA LCM, LGRA SGRC, NOTRA ORC, BCOA ROM-X and his dam the beautiful CH Attaway-Kinobi Running to Paradise , SC, FCh, daughter of the exceptional BISS, AKC CH, C.I.B.EE VW-14 FI & RU & EE VCH & CH CH, EE VCH, EE CH, LV CH, LT CH, PL CH, EUW-11, LTW-12, PL&PZV-12, PL&PZW-13, FIW-13, TLNVW-14 Rajalinjan Halis AKC SC, BCOA ROM

Gibson has Silkenswift Bonne Chance (German DC) on the topside of his pedigree and Silkenswift Black Aster, SC on the bottom. Two litter mate sons of the indomitable 5xMBIF, AKC DC Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos AKC CGC, AKC SC, AKC CD, ASFA LCM4, LGRA SGRC, NOTRA SORC2, BCOA ROM, BCOA VLAA one of the most influential sires in running Borzoi.

Skaya’s sire, is the extraordinary “CJ” AKC DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun AKC SC, AKC BN, ASFA FCh, NOTRA ORC, LGRA GRC, ASFA V-FCh a fabulously accomplished son of AKC DC WindnSatin Ty Slezi of Zemny AKC SC, ASFA FCh, LGRA SGRC and the talented “Rumor” FC Avalon Rumor of Angels ASFA FCh, LGRA GRC, ASFA DT, AKC CGC, AKC MC, BCOA ROMX.

Skaya’s dam is non other than the incomparable “Tigress” Avalon Tigress in the Dark NOFCA CC & CM, ASFA FCh, ASFA DT, LGRA GRC, ASFA V-FCh, AKC SC, BCOA ROMX. A daughter of the immortal, “Darkling” 8xMBIF, AKC DC Silkenswift’s Blazes Dark Fire ASFA LCM7, AKC SC, LGRA GRC, ASFA HOF, BCOA ROM (another son of Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos) and the timeless, “Echo” Stillwater British Echo AKC SC, ASFA FCh, BCOA ROM. 

Given the exceptional accomplishments of their ancestors, Gibson and Skaya have been blazing their own successful careers. Both have sunny, unflappable characters and sweet temperaments. Both are incredibly prey driven and chase artificial lures in coursing, straight racing and of course, live game in the open field. Based on these characteristics it is our expectation their puppies will possess the same!

Gibson and Skaya are both DM clear, have full dentition and lovely scissors bites, dark haws and tiny ears. Very proper Borzoi.

Beautiful in motion and in repose. Both Skaya and Gibson are listed publicly at OFA and their names above are hyperlinked to their OFA pages.

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Puppies will be graded for breeding, performance, show, and companion potential. Inquiries are welcomed.

All puppies are in their forever homes!


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