Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare

My beautiful Skaya, or Skoosh, as I mostly call her, came to me practically as a gift from Sandra Moore (Avalon Borzoi).

A daughter of AKC DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun AKC SC, AKC BN, ASFA FCh, NOTRA ORC, LGRA GRC, ASFA V-FCh and the incredible Avalon Tigress in the Dark NOFCA CC & CM, ASFA FCh, ASFA DT, LGRA GRC, ASFA V-FCh, AKC SC, BCOA ROMX (CH majors)

She comes from an exceedingly talented litter, thanks to her illustrious forebears. Skaya is a joyful hound who is steady in all situations, happy to work and sweetness itself.

Skaya placed First in a huge 12-18 month Bitch class at the 2014 BCOA Nationals.

Style her: DC Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare SC, CGC, FCh, RN, JSR, VLAA

In June of 2016 she became a proven dam to a lovely litter sired by CH Zoiboyz Gibson SC, ASFA FCh, LGRA GRC, AKC CGC.

I could not have asked for a more perfect Borzoi.

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Skaya 3 generation


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