About Perlova Borzoi…

I think Borzoi are the best hounds ever created. They enrich my life beyond bounds.

Borzoi are coursing sighthounds. Prey driven, exceptionally fast and for the most part, very easy to live with, given you have the set up. They require a fenced yard, regular exercise and a responsible owner that loves them, and will do whatever is necessary to have them.

Please do research this magnificent breed prior to adding one to your home.

Overall, Borzoi people are terrific and are always willing to help folks find their way regarding our breed, just ask us, we can and will help.

Because of this and because Borzoi are not an overly popular breed, they need to be conserved. Every Borzoi is critical to the gene pool, though not all should or will be bred. I take the responsibility of stewardship of the Borzoi very seriously and will do my part to keep this treasure for future Borzoi fanciers.

Breeding plans are made with the guidance of my mentors and all Perlova Borzoi will be bred to the BCOA Breed Standard and by application of strict temperament and health clearance considerations, in order to produce Borzoi who are sane, healthy, athletic and are true to breed-type.

Form does follow function and Borzoi are hunting/coursing hounds first. Performance Borzoi that can also show and win in the conformation ring! Please see our Planned Breedings page for more information.

As a Borzoi Breeder, I pledge to follow the BCOA Code of Ethics and to be responsible for each Borzoi I help to bring into the world and to deal honestly and ethically with any future puppy buyers.

All dogs have a genetic heritage and though we health test strenuously, Mother Nature sometimes has other plans. Breeding decisions are multi factored and we strive to “hedge our bets” with these priorities in mind.

If you are seeking to add a Borzoi to your family please research the breed and seek a respected and reputable breeder. A great place to start is the Borzoi Club of America.

If we do not have puppies available, I am happy to help point you in the right direction! Temperament, health clearances, performance credentials and a breeder who can pick the right Borzoi for your life and circumstance is crucial to success!

Thank you for visiting our pages!

Leigh Paintin
Perlova Borzoi
New Mexico, USA

BCOA (member in good standing)

SWCC (recording Secretary and member in good standing)

NOFCA (member in good standing)

RUNM (founding member in good standing, Club VP)

CLCA (member in good standing)




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