Avalon Tigress in the Dark’s Daughters…

Tigress DaughterL-R: Del Sol End of Reason “Insanity” & Susan Vandewater; Oxota Avalon Switchblade “Bladerunner” & Leonore Abordo; Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare “Skaya” & Leigh Paintin; Del Sol Dark Canyon Avalon v Willowind “Canyon” & Josie Haumont

These four beautiful daughters of Avalon Tigress in the Dark “Tigress” were all in Moriarty, NM for Lure Coursing at Lobos Coursing Club’s ASFA Trial. Hunt Master, Joan Garth said, Peas in a pod, same beautiful body types and gorgeous heads. Oh, and they all run like the wind!!”


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