Boomer is getting a Borzoi buddy!

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The weekend of January 5, 2013, Boomer is getting a Borzoi buddy!

These gorgeous little ladies are the girl puppies from the breeding of DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun SC FCH ORC GRC x Avalon Tigress in The Dark SC FCH GRC VFCH CC CM.

You can view their pedigree here: CJ X Tigress Puppies

These puppies were bred by Sandra Moore of Avalon Borzoi, and Dr. Susan Van deWater of Borzoi Del Sol & Diane Embry of Willow Wind Borzoi whelped this gorgeous litter!

Boomer & I have no idea which little girl we are getting because the puppy evaluations haven’t been done yet. We only know we are getting a girl at this point and that she will be dark: Black & Tan, Black & Brindle or Mahogany. Sane, sound and bred to run like the wind!

Since this litter is a “D” litter so her name must begin with a “D”.

here are some contenders:

Avalon DeedsODerringDo WW and her call name would be Dare. (It also rhymes with Tangmalangaloo!)

Avalon Darkskaya O WillowWind (oooh this is growing on me!)

Avalon Dare the Darkest WillowWind (not bad…)

The final name choice is: Avalon WW Darkskaya Dare  (call name Skaya)

When we get photos we will post!!!


One thought on “Boomer is getting a Borzoi buddy!

  1. vicky

    Simply beautiful! This is not just a breed, but a wonderful spirit and almost human intelligence l was a happy owner of this kind of dog-many years ago… my husband and me-our first family dog

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