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Boomer in Missouri!

Boomer is in MO for a date with Dolce (whenever she decides to come in!) but in the meantime, Javier Ocasio volunteered to show Boomer at a Hound Show this weekend. Today, Javier piloted Boomer to BOS and 3 point major towards his GCHB!! In the hunt for the final 16 points!

Good luck tomorrow Javier and Boomer!

(photo credit: Javier Ocasio)

Perlova/Avalon/MHD Planned Breeding

Boomer x Dolce

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So pleased to announce our next planned breeding! Perlova is combining with Avalon (Sandra Moore) and MHD (Javier Ocasio) for our next litter!

The sire is Boomer, OHBIS SBIS GCH CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN (Multiple Specialty AOMs and NACA OFC ptd) and the dam is Dolce, also known as US CH, C.I.B., LatAm CH, PanAm CH, PR GR CH Avalon Dolce Tigrecilla Willowind BN, RE, SC, BCAT, THDA, CGCA, CGCU, TKI, FCh, ORC!

These puppies will be DM clear by Parentage. 10 generation COI is 3.80%  and the testmating pedigree is at this link: Borzoi.Breed.Archive 

Boomer is athletic, fast and and exceptionally beautiful Borzoi. He has full dentition and a scissors bite, sexy strong pasterns and hocks, and an absolutely correct mover! A beautiful Borzoi from every angle with a fabulous character and temperament!

Boomer’s health info: CHIC 98144 Thyroid Normal (BZ-TH696/25M-VPI) OFA Eyes Normal (BZ-EYE31/30M-VPI) OFA Cardiac Normal (9BZ-CA1081/19M/C-VPI) Full Dentition/scissors bite AKC DNA V729116 Holter/Normal (2018)

Dolce is absolutely square, tiny ears, full dentition, scissors bite, thick sexy feet and strong pasterns, DM clear by parentage, and is a seriously talented runner who chases all artificial lures as well as live game. Both parents have Rally titles and are biddable, people oriented Borzoi. Dolce is a Therapy Dog too!

Dolce’s health info:   Thyroid Normal (BZ-TH799/30F-VPI) OFA Eyes Normal (BZ-EYE34/30F-VPI) OFA Cardiac Normal (BZ-CA1165/30F/C-VPI-ECHO) Full Dentition/scissors bite.

Both Boomer & Dolce are from exceptionally talented litters! Boomer is a Folk Song, a legendary litter of all champions either in the ring or field and sometimes both! Dolce is one of the fabulous Killer D’s from Avalon, Del Sol and WillowWind! Keen coursers, dual champions and the sunniest temperaments on the planet!

We are planning on more fabulous coursing/hunting/show Borzoi!

We are taking reservations, so please inquire with Leigh Paintin (Perlova) at or with Sandra Moore (Avalon) at

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Sangre de Cristo Kennel Club Show!!

BoomerBISOHThe thrill ride called Boomer is such a joy! I entered him on Saturday, just to go have some fun with my friends and lo and behold da Boom had an AMAZING day!
Boomer was awarded BOB and OH for a 5 point major under AKC Judge Russell McFadden.

He show really well in the regular Hound Group but we walked out empty handed to the NOHS Hound Group ring under AKC Judge Lew Olsen.


Boy howdy he just floated and nailed every free stack! Thank you very much for the NOHS Hound Group 1!!! Whoa! Now we get to go to the NOHS Best in Show competition with 6 other fabulous breeds!

Our judge was our breed judge from earlier in the day, Russell McFadden. Boomer showed beautifully again! No exhaustion, no dip in attitude, it was like it was the start of our day!

So, we wait while the judge marks his book and comes back with the ribbons to award. RBIS goes to the fabulous JH with her Aussie and then he pointed at Boomer!!!!!!! NOHS BEST IN SHOW!!!!!

Wow! What an amazing day! I always take the best in show dog home with me from these competitions but that day THE JUDGE AGREED!!!!!

So, my very first Borzoi is NOHS BIS BISS GCH CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN multi AOMs and the King of My Heart, Boomer!


Giddy CH

At the Rio Grande Kennel Club’s 100th Anniversary Show sweet Perlova Avalon Giddy Up Go, CC finished her AKC Championship with a huge win over specials to go BOB for a five point major!! Judge Alan Odom awarded Giddy BOB from BBE to finish.

Judge Odom also awarded my beautiful ASFA BIF Oxota Molodezovna Hatsya, FCh, SC (NOFCA OFC pointed) Major Reserve! Thank you to breeder Leonore Abordo for handling Hotsi in WB!
Giddy GH4

Judge Stewart Dankner of Canada awarded my new champion a regular Hound Group 4, just to make sure my mind was totally blown in a fabulous way!

Giddy BOB as Special

And on Sunday, CH Perlova Avalon Giddy Up Go, CC was awarded BOB over specials for the first time as a special herself! Thank you Judge Stewart Dankner for recognizing and rewarding this very quality Borzoi bitch. Judge Dankner admonished me to never doubt my bitch, she is that good, he said.


I must absolutely congratulate and thank my co-breeder, Sandra Moore of Avalon Borzoi for all of her friendship, support and encouragement. To the breeders of the phenomenal  Gibson, Tom Golcher and KC Thompson (Zoiboyz), thank you for jumping on board & encouraging me in my first adventure in breeding a litter and to Melissa Pearce (Attaway Borzoi & Silkens) for helping me get the breeding done!

Looking to the next title, Giddy will be starting Rally training soon! VLAA here we come! Fingers crossed! LOL

New AKC Dual Champion

Skaya New CH
DC Avalon Ww Darkskaya Dare, SC, CGC, RN (& VLAA pending approval)

My special Skoosh finished her AKC Championship at the Rio Pecos Kennel Club Dog Show!

Skaya is my first AKC Dual Champion and I am so very grateful to her breeders: Sandra Moore (Avalon Borzoi); Dr. Susan Van de Water, MD (Borzoi Del Sol); Diana Embry (Willow Wind) and Shelby Bergstressor for this incredibly special Borzoi. Skaya truly does it all: coursing, hunting, rally obedience and conformation shows! She makes my heart beat! Thank you!